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Hastings Financial Solutions was founded with the aim of providing fair, ethical advice to consumers. With a wealth of experience in helping people with their insurance and financial needs, we feel we are perfectly set up to help give you balanced, unbiased advice.

We are comprised of fully qualified professionals with significant knowledge and extensive working experience in assisting people with their financial and insurance requirements.

Hastings Financial Solutions can advise you on a wide range of services and products available within the financial sector. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service, as well as the most suitable possible financial solutions for our clients.

We at Hastings Financial Solutions, pride ourselves on our honest, jargon free, ethical advice that is right for each individual client.

Once you contact us, we will talk you through the options in order to find the right one for your circumstances. Our aim is to provide you with the most suitable cost effective product.


We offer mortgage advice which is individually tailored to your needs.



We offer protection from a range of market leading insurers.



We offer various types of insurance to suit your requirements.



We have access to lenders who provide mortgages for business.